Trio Review – Sandi Durell

Mario Fratti’s “A PERFECT TRIO”

Reviewed by: Sandi Durell

Mario Fratti is best known to Broadway theater-goers for his adaptation of the Italian Fellini film “8 ½” that became “Nine,” the Tony Award winning musical. Mr. Fratti, a playwright and drama critic, has published his plays in 19 languages.

His most recent one-act offerings are playing Off-Broadway at Theater for the New City. The running themes are sex, religion and politics. Suffice it to say that Mr. Fratti’s messages are loud and clear. “Anniversary” is the story of what appears to be a once a year birthday celebration between father (Patrick McCarthy) and daughter (Jennifer Loryn) as jealousy, fantasy and sexually driven dysfunctional behavior surface to provide a reason why “the butler did it.” McCarthy, as the anxiety-ridden Father is solid in his performance.

“Missionaries” features Rose Gregorio, Tony Nominee, as Sister Caterina who discovers the less than God-fearing behavior of priest, Father Edwards (Chris Kerson) as he unravels in his love for a young nun making for scandal, deceit and worse.

War is hell in “Blindness” when a young man (Brendan McDonough) returns sightless from Iraq to visit his dead buddy’s patriotic father (Joe Ambrose) and young son (Billy Marshall Jr.), bringing his girlfriend (Rachael McOwen) with him. He is faced with more than he bargained for when the truth surrounding the death of his friend is ultimately revealed.

The plays are ably directed by Stephan Morrow who has had a long collaboration with Norman Mailer.

Fratti deals with the tensions, realities and anxieties that are the human condition, providing a podium for suspicion, confrontation and insight into the fragility we call life. “Trio” has a limited run through October 24th.