No royalties are requested when you perform any of the following three plays.

Iraq [Blindness] – English
About the American soldiers who have committed suicide in Iraq.
il Sogno Americano – Italian
The dreams and disappointments of a European woman in New York.
Garibaldi – English
Erotic life of the Italian hero, Garibaldi

For all other plays, the agent is:

Susan Schulman
454 West 44th Street
New York, NY 10036

3 Sisters and a Priest
Brooklyn (CAIN)
L’Aquilqa (Nine Martyrs)
Third L

Obama 44 – Who killed Maja, the beautiful young woman who loved Obama and worked for his re-election?
Nine – A musical adaptation of Fellini’s film Eight and a Half
The Pill
download abbreviated text A monologue about freedom
Dead Man’s Bluff download abbreviated text A Thriller
Sincerity download abbreviated text A blind date.
Friends download abbreviated text His and hers versions of how they met.
Anniversary download abbreviated text Father and ‘Daughter’ incest?
Family – Trying to heal mental illness.
The Colonel’s Wife – An isolated woman’s romantic fantasies deceive her.
Victim – A woman punishes the two men who have trapped her.
Cage – A woman saves a young man who is afraid of life and chooses to live in a cage.
Lovers – Three women succeed in getting rid of a husband.
Seducers – Six young men learn from a wife how to seduce women.
Refrigerators – A modern version of Arsenic and Old Lace.
Six Passionate Women download abbreviated text They plot to punish a promiscuous film director.
Bridge – How to save a possible suicide.
Two Centuries – A man mistreats a woman in Act 1. Her revenge in Act II.
Sister – A brother fights his promiscuity.
Beata, the Pope’s Daughter – Life in Rome of the Holy Father John Paul II
Che Guevara – The life and death of Che in Bolivia.
The Return – Coming back from a concentration camp.
Eleonora Duse – Life of the great Italian actress.
A.I.D.S. read abbreviated text How two lovers react.
Mothers and Daughters Tragic story of an incest.
Chile 1973 – Pinochet’s dictatorship
Mafia About a mysterious white widow.
Porno read abbreviated textA young actress is blackmailed.
Leningrad Euthanasia Leningrad, today.
The Psychoanalyst A Psychoanalyst lusts after his patient
No Hell. Dante Was Wrong Three sisters listen to The Pope
Erotic Adventures in Venice Corrupt politicians hide in a churchyard.
Dina & Alba – Alessia Sincerity 2000 Women in love
Jurors Why they aquitted O.J.
22 Plays in Spanish Art Teatral – Historiador Diago 15-6-Valencia
8 Plays in Japanese Mirai- She Publisher – Tokyo
9 Plays in Russian A C. Publisher – St. Petersburg